Jerusalem Post Article: The Unlikeliest Storyteller

I am deeply moved and incredibly grateful that this weekend Butterflies in the Ghetto was featured in the magazine section of The Jerusalem Post. A link to the pdf version of the article can be found below. Many thanks to author Stephanie Granot for sharing the story behind the blog and for bringing the stories of the artists of Terezin to many more people.

The Unlikeliest Storyteller, by Stephanie Granot, The Jerusalem Post

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem Post Article: The Unlikeliest Storyteller

  1. Hi Tara – mazel tov on the Jerusalem Post story. I copied it and brought to Mom. She was thrilled to see it. She wasn’t too clear on what it was about, but thought it was wonderful that you were in a newspaper and said you looked SO BEAUTIFUL in your photo. I also forwarded it to several friends who are family of survivors and they were very moved by what you are doing. Keep it up, Cuz!

    Kathy Monica

    1. Hi Kathy Monica – thank you so very much! That’s so nice to hear that your mom enjoyed the article so much. I also really appreciate that you shared the article with family members of survivors – it means a great deal that they were moved by the work I am doing.


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